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May 3, 2011

SOE Confirms Data Breach Two Can It Get Any Worse For Sony?

Can thing’s get any worse for Sony? Well yeah of course they can. Sony Online Entertainment has been reported to be the victim of a second security breach which according to resulted in the release of 12,700 credit card numbers and possibly more information. They go on to tell us 4,3oo of these numbers are Japanese account’s but does not go into detail on USA and UK accounts. The only good side to this is that the numbers where from 2007 so many will be expired cards, but why are Sony keeping backups of your details? and why are they not safe? SOE’s services are now offline surprise surprise. Wall street journal has also reported that Sony has confirmed the latest attack and that a whopping 24.6 million accounts filled with personal information have been breached. So likely email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses, dates of birth and hash passwords have been stole ‘DOH’. When will Sony get a break not anytime soon I’m sure.

via – BGR

Source РNikkei (subscription required)

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