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December 9, 2014

Sony Selling Anniversary Edition PS4s for £19.94


Let’s face it who doesn’t love Sony’s 20th Anniversary Limited Edition PS4, it takes me back to the good old days instantly where my love for gaming took off. If you want to own one and would prefer not to pay ridiculous eBay prices then you could get one tomorrow in the UK (December 10th) with a few catches.

In the US Sony just opened up online orders but in the UK Sony is hoping to make it a little more special. That’s why they have opened the “PlayStation 94 Shop” on Bethnal Green Road in London. The retro themed shop will sell the super limited-edition consoles to 94 fans for just £19.94, with all the proceeds going to gaming-related charities. As I said its not as simple as just showing up, if you are actually lucky enough to be one of the 94 you will have to take a piece of PlayStation memorabilia you like a PSone controller or anything related to the original PlayStation. Again not even that will be enough as you will need to say the secret passphrase “I crashed my Bandicoot” and after all of that you can buy that awesome console.

If a trip to London isn’t possible tomorrow then on December 11th and 12th the shop will sell another 50 of these consoles for £399. So if like me you don’t have time to take the trip then I guess it sucks but Sony will be opening online orders on Monday (December 15th) and selling 12,300 of these consoles globally. It’s going to be tough to snag one of these so if your looking to buy one we wish you luck.

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