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November 17, 2014

Superior Iron Man #1 Review


With the success of Superior Spiderman it was only a matter of time before another hero got a relaunch with the ‘superior’ title. With that said Marvel has released Superior Iron Man, written by Tom Taylor with art done by Yildiray Cinar Superior Iron Man is set after the events of AXIS with the pre being blown up by terrorists Tony Stark returning with a vengeance. The reason Tony Has reverted to his old booze, woman and money loving self will not be made clear until the ongoing AXIS story is complete but what I will say is I’m sure Tom Taylor’s take on Tony Stark is going to piss fan’s off a little but that’s the point I guess. The new and supposed Superior Iron Man has many grand plans for the city of San Francisco but I’m sure not everyone will be as excited as he is.

Long term Iron Man readers will be familiar with this new personality as the alcoholic, capitalist womanizer returns with his obsession of putting profits before everything else clearly on show. Taking a hero and making them less heroic is no easy task but Taylor with his experience from his time at DC has done a pretty awesome job here. I say no easy task but I guess it’s not to hard to imagine Tony Stark becoming a egotistical jerk again as it does shine few in his Avengers character often. So let’s dive in and see what I thought of the issue.

So the series starts with the new Superior Iron Man releasing Extremis 3.0, a techno virus with the ability to transform individuals into the very best humans possible. Basically it’s a mobile app that once downloaded enables it’s owner to obtain perfection easily.


With the app being live a mere week it’s kicking off already with Iron Man and She-Hulk battling it out with Teen Abomination. With the battle heating up with the self-titled Teen Abomination, Iron Man manages to get his head decapitated in what seems a tragic event as the horrified She-Hulk looks on. Obviously this is not the real Tony Stark and is actually a drone who then collects his head and defeats Teen Abomination who seems even more distraught that he wasn’t even able to get the real Tony’s attention. So where was Tony? In typical old school fashion he was back at his luxury San Francisco mansion hosting a pool party.

As Tony’s lavish party continues none other than a heated Pepper Potts shows up demanding to speak with Tony. Pepper is not in the least bit happy with Tony for releasing the Extremis 3.0 app for public consumption and claims he hasn’t even thought about the consequences. Pepper also explains to Tony that San Francisco is now a drunken paradise with the underclass that couldn’t afford access to the new app being hated by the upper class who could.

As Pepper explains this an incident is taking place on the streets of San Francisco, were a group of Extremis users who are ‘newly perfected’ decide to attack a homeless girl. Before they can bring serious harm to or kill the girl, Daredevil appears on the scene and saves the day.

We are then taking back to the mansion were Tony and Peppers argument is halted by screaming outside. When she gets outside she is faced with the once fabulous human beings returned to their original selves. Pepper quickly grabs one of their phones to see what is going on only to find that the app was infact a free trial that Tony plans on charging $100 a day to use.

The issue comes to a close with Pepper and a figure I thought was Daredevil plotting in a dark room. With Pepper now convinced someone has stolen Tony’s mind, Pepper declares that it is time to activate the contingency. On the final page we see that it wasn’t Daredevil in the dark room with Pepper it was actually someone wearing one of Tony’s old Iron Man suits.


Overall I’m having trouble understanding why Tony is portrayed as such a dark and twisted character in this issue at the minute. I know that all will be revealed when AXIS is finished but at this point I find my self asking why Tony is left with this permanent psychological change. I think it would have probably been an easier read and better suited to launch after the events of AXIS are complete rather than in the middle of them.

That said I was very pleased with Superior Iron Man #1 and look forward to further digging into the series. I was hoping for a bit more action but with all the back story needing filled it’s understandable. It will be interesting to see if Tony is the main antagonist in the series or if Taylor introduces another villain. I’ll end the review with this thought, even if Iron Man regains his good guy status during the series it looks as if were are definitely going to see him fave off with Daredevil and I cannot wait.

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