With all the tablets, and phones out there, there is always a constant need to have a full battery. I thought I had seen the biggest batteries around, but Tech Armour have sent us their 20800mAh battery to look at. This badboy can charge a phone up to full 7 times! Which means that using the dual ports, you can charge two phones full up to 3 and a half times.


The look of the Tech Armour battery is a simple sleek design. It’s flat top and bottom, with curved edges either side. I found these curved edges quite good for slipping into bag pockets, the sleek design means it can slide easily into most pockets on bags. Though due to the weight (350g) I would not recommend this as a trouser pocket battery, as your trousers will fall down.

The top of the battery is where the 4 indicator lights are, this allows you to see at a glance how full the battery is. The front is where the fun is, two USB ports labeled “Phone” and “Tablet” to charge your resective devices. A single button to turn on, check the battery status and to enable the LED torch. The whole battery itself is charged with the included micro-USB cable and port on the front.

I did find the LED torch a little unneeded, and could of maybe included a 3rd charging port.


I tried to test this battery on as many devices as I could find:

  • HTC One – 8 times
  • iPhone 6 – 11 times
  • iPhone 6 Plus – 6.5 times
  • iPad 4 – 1.8 times
  • iPad Air – 2.5 times
  • iPad Air 2 – 2.8 times
  • iPad Mini 3 – 3 times
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 – 7 times
  • Samsung Note 4 – 6.5 times

The battery itself took a couple of hours to fully charge itself, but as I found I was using it for around a week, it wasn’t bad at all. Performance wise I was blown away by the time it took to charge my devices, as it was along the same lines as my 3-pin charge I use at home.

Overall I found the battery from Tech Armour to be a great addition to my gear. It’s always good to have a good sized battery on you and the ActivePower 20800 battery is no exception. Charge times are good, and the massive 20800mAh battery is good for up to a week with just one phone.


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