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November 25, 2014

The Walking Dead season 5 episode 7 review: Crossed

Welcome to another week of Let’s Talk Walking Dead. This week we had episode 7 of season 5 and with a lot of build up last week we thought we were in for treat this week, did we get one? Lets see….

This review contains spoilers


With the groups splitting up and going their separate ways The Walking Dead has managed to give us a separate story every week. One week we would be watching Beth, the next the DC crew and then we would be back with the church crew. I must admit it was great at times but also not so great at times as the week before often left a story hanging in the balance and in turn left us wanting to know what had happened. I guess that’s all part of the fun. This weeks episode Crossed however didn’t follow suit and we were taken on a roller coaster ride between four separate stories/locations in what¬†turned out to be two good stories and two not so good.

The mid season finale is now only a week away and this episode could be considered the filler in-between. We were all hoping for a big showdown between Ricks crew and the Grady Memorial crew but it didn’t turn out that way this week. This episode starts off at Gabriel’s church with the team all making weapons from pieces of the church, Daryl has the organ pipes and Sasha is smashing up the pet’s, much to the dismay of Gabriel. Of course the reason they are doing this is because they have to go rescue Beth and Carol but how? Well this episode gives us two plans and in a twist Tyreese actually has the better less bloody plan. Rick who was always the peaceful careful planner decided they needed to go in SWAT style and leave bodies everywhere while Tyreese despite his characters past came up with a more responsible plan that involved kidnapping two of the Grady cops and doing an exchange. I really enjoyed this moment of leadership change with even Daryl agreeing that Tyreese had the better plan as it brought a new dynamic to the show.

Another highlight of the season has been the in depth looks at how messed up everyone is starting to get and how their actions are effecting their mental state. Following this theme this episode takes us back to the scene of Eugene’s beat down where Abraham has totally lost his sh*t and spends most of the episode kneeling on the floor in self pity. Back at the church father Gabriel is becoming even more disturbed with the events of the last few episodes having taken him to a dark place. Another character that isn’t coping well with grief is Sasha who is still grieving Bob’s death and this grief ultimately becomes the weakness that Officer Lampson uses to his advantage in the final scene of the episode. I really enjoy seeing how the characters actions effect them, as at times I often wonder if all human emotion has left them. What do you think about the writers delving into the emotional side of characters? Let me know.

With Abraham kneeling for most of the episode refusing to move until Eugene stirred, it meant the DC crew faced a lot of downtime which was spent fishing and playing with a Yo-Yo. To be honest that’s about all we got to see from them this week and I’m so disappointed nobody killed a walker ninja style with the Yo-Yo.

So just like this episode, let’s go back to the church were Gabriel’s panic finally consumes him and he decides to escape the safety of the locked down church. After this move it looks like we will never see Gabriel redeem himself and his latest stunt will no doubt leave Michonne, Carl and Judith in unnecessary danger, but he is no stranger to causing death to the innocent. When he finally escaped through the floor boards he is faced with his first walker who he can’t even muster up the courage to kill after seeing it was wearing a crucifix. Im not sure how his character will develop now but with his lack of courage and a sore foot after standing on a nail I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before he get’s himself in another mess.


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Now let’s talk about Rick and the Atlanta crew. This plot turned out to be great with plenty of action and betrayal involved and even a scene were Daryl of all people manages to convince Rick not to kill Licari even after he almost killed him. All I could say was whhhhhaaaaaaattttttttttt. This is a crazy shift in dynamic but I really loved this scene didn’t you? I mean Tyreese having a peaceful solution is not so hard to believe but Daryl?? It is also worth noting that during Daryl’s struggle comes the most awesome and gruesome survival technique ever, it was a truly awesome scene. With Licari trying to feed Daryl to the burnt zombies on the ground during the struggle and almost succeeding Daryl uses a walkers skull like a bowling ball and knocks Licari out.

Back at the hospital it seems all hope is lost for Carol as the Grady cops decide treating her is a waste of their valuable resources. Another good scene arises from this as in a twist Dawn gives the medicine cupboard key to Beth to allow her to save Carol. This leads to Beth sneaking through the hospital to capture epinephrine for Carol and it was a really well-executed scene and let’s just hope that Carol pulls through. With the only Grady cop that looks like they could turn out decent being Dawn is it wrong of me to think that she could well turn it around and leave with Rick’s group after the siege?


This weeks episode, Crossed, along with the others has been an awesome build up to what we are likely to encounter next week. We seen Lampson running off with his hands tied behind his back, so this could spell trouble for the group. After Tyreese finds out Sasha has been attacked is he still going to want to go with his plan or will he be consumed with rage and want to go in all guns blazing now? With Rick and the gang still having two Grady cops in their possession as well as Dawn seeming extra nice all of a sudden maybe its not all doom and gloom for the gang. Either way this season just keeps getting better and I’m dreading next weeks episode as I have a terrible feeling we are going to loose one of our friends during the rescue mission.

Let me know what you thought of this episode.

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