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October 3, 2013

Themer from MyColorScreen hits Google Play


Most of the guys here at BeginnersTech love to theme there Android devices but it’s the one pass time I enjoy the most. That being said when MyColorScreen (my favourite place to visit for theme ideas) told us about there new upcoming app Themer we couldn’t wait to give it a whirl and its now available on Google Play.


Before you get excited and go searching for it the app itself requires a beta code to ensure its all working and pretty before the final release is ready for the general public. I have had Themer since this morning and had a little play with it and I must say for a beta its pretty incredible. The app itself acts like a home screen replacement meaning you don’t have to use other launchers like Apex or Nova to theme your device. That being said you will loose all the functionality of those launchers that you may have liked. Initial impressions certainly make Themer seem like a worth while trade off as themes are just applied at the click of a button and transform your home screen with ease.

I have attached a few screenshots below of some themes I have applied just to give you a taste of what to expect. Our full review will be live when I have played with it a bit longer and got a better idea and feel of what it can do.






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