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August 21, 2015

Three has just added to its 4G spectrum

Three_SignBy purchasing some L-Band (1452-1492 MHz) frequency from Qualcomm, this sale helps Three meet the growing demand for 4G data.

The spectrum sale still needs to be confirmed by Ofcom and even then it will likely be several years before it can be used, as smartphones and network equipment will first need to be tuned over to L-band frequencies, but in the long run it should be hugely beneficial.

There’s a limited amount of bandwidth yet 4G capacity will need to increase rapidly over the coming years, so buying more spectrum could help enormously, especially in Three case as it doesn’t have an massive amount of spectrum to begin with.

QualcommLogoQualcomm itself bought the spectrum back in 2008, having planned to launch a UK mobile television service, but since shelved those plans. The purchase still worked out in its favour though, as it paid just £8.3 million for the spectrum.Three is thought to have paid at least 10 times that amount.

Qualcomm, which in June confirmed its plans to start selling off chunks of UK spectrum, said:

“The European Commission recently voted for the release of L-Band (1452-1492 MHz) spectrum throughout the European Union for use as Supplemental Downlink (SDL). Qualcomm believes that SDL can be key to meeting the increase of 4G mobile data traffic globally that is downlink centric.”

Via: InvestorPlace

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