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July 17, 2015

Tips & Tricks #1

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Welcome! This Tips & Tricks numero uno! My name is Junior and every now and then I will share tips/tricks. Some will be new to you and old to others but I’m going to share them anyways. With that being said, lets get started!

Today’s episode will help you deal with phone snoopers. We all have a snooper in our lives, it could be your brother, sister, maybe your mom or dad, or worst of all—your girlfriend/fiancé/wife! Having your girl snooping through your phone is the worst. You end having to explain why there’s a picture of another woman on your phone, she doesn’t believe you, and then all hell breaks loose. In some cases, your junk gets shown all over the internet, and nobody wants to see that.

I thought our phones were our property, no else is allowed to touch, look, or make love to it. Whats that? You don’t make love to your phone? Just me? Wow! Well… this is awkward. Moving on. Our phones carry personal information (e.i. di** picks), these phones are like a second computer where we google search every god damn thing, check our email, and watch porn—”I’m looking at you Ryan!” JK (just kidding), I’m just messing with you. So how did we become victims of “snooping?”

One of the stupidest reasons why you’re being snooped is for not having a secured lockscreen. Fellas, I know its pain to keep entering a password every time you turn on your phone but, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve encountered  phones with no password whatsoever—making them easy targets. Just put a password on that thing and move on. “But what if they bypass my locksreen pin/password/pattern?” No problem, I got you covered.

Don’t freak out, no ones going to see your junk all over the internet.I’ll make sure that doesn’t end up happening, what are bros for? If they somehow manage to get access to your phone do this simple trick and soon you’ll be able to hide those precious files. Have you ever heard of a “.nomedia file?” I’m gonna go ahead and pretend you said no. “.nomedia” is an extension of a file (e.g., .jpeg) used to hide a file(s). Creating a .nomedia file is easy, I’ll show you.

To get started

You’ll need: a file (choose whatever file you want), phone, and a file manager (this could be the default one that came with your phone or use a third-party software like ES File Explorer File Manager)

Note: I’m using a Galaxy S4 running KitKat and using the default file manager. This should work on other devices.

This is what you do…

  1. Create a new folder or use an existing folder.
  2. Next, move the file to that folder.
  3. Rename the file along with the extension and replace with “.nomedia” (no parentheses)

Correction, go ahead and install another file manager. I just realized I couldn’t change the file extension with the default file manager. Whoops!

Done! If you followed these steps correctly, the file should be hidden.


Need help? Let us know in the comments.

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