July 28, 2015

Tips & Tricks #2: This is a big one… for me

tips and tricks

This is Tips & Tricks numero dos! Today, I have a really awesome tip/trick that will knock your socks off!

Believe it not, I just found out about this trick last week—usually these are set in stone but this one came out of nowhere—and the reason I’m sharing this today and not last week, I wanted to test this out and see if it actually works and make sure this wasn’t a one-time deal. After a week of testing [Drumroll), it works! This wasn’t a one-time thing, this trick actually works! Let’s begin.

We’ve seen phones like the S6 and S6 Edge come with the “QuickCharge” feature, but are you really going to spend $700 for that one feature alone? My current daily driver is the Galaxy S4 (still running freaking KitKat, any day now Samsung) and as much as I love to upgrade, my S4 still works like a charm—just because I said my phone still works, that doesn’t mean its performing like a flagship it once was. Now, I could root my phone… I really don’t want to alter my phone in such a big way (not saying rooting your phone is bad). Rooting does have its benefits but, [Wiping tears off my face] I’ve had this phone since the day it came out and I plan on keeping it for a loooooong time. Little Timmy: “but you’ll be missing out on the latest features.” [Chuckling] Yes, yes, I know. But who says I can’t find a way to use those new fancy schmancy features on my current phone? [Evil grin on my face]



We all know that phones start to act funny after years pass by and that’s what I’m going through right now with my S4. I’m a power user, so I am constantly charging my phone. Running low on battery? You plug in your phone and wait. Simple right? The problem is how long? How long am I going to wait until my phone has enough juice to start using again? For me, hours. I have to wait hours (sometimes more) to get to at least 50% [Gasp]. It gets even worse, I’ve been dealing with this problem for a year and just last week, I said, “enough! This ends NOW! [I charge a Final Spirit Cannon]

Ah, then it happened. You see, give a guy some alone time and he… comes up with new tips/tricks. What? Oh, you thought… okay. No. You sick freaks! Anyway…

NOTE: There are apps in the Play Store that are able to give your phone battery a “faster charge,” but who needs more apps hogging up space.

You’re low on juice, you find your charger and plug it in and leave. Wait! Don’t leave just yet, do these steps…

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sync, GPS, NFC
  2. Turn on Power Saving Mode
  3. Turn on Airplane Mode (optional)
  4. Go to Settings > Battery, see what apps are giving you trouble
  5. Go to Storage > Cached Data, clear cache (optional)
  6. Developer options, (don’t have developer options? Go to About Device and tap Build Number until you see a message saying you are now a developer) head over to Process stats and stop apps. E.g., I Force stop Amazon, Amazon Appstore, Maps, and MX Player

That should do it, your phone should charge a lot faster without the need to buy a new phone with QuickCharge or Rooting your phone.

So… did this work for you? Let me know in the comments.

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