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June 24, 2015

Todoist release major update, Material Design, themes, and new features included

Todoist-mainToday, to-do list app Todoist has announced a major update to its Android app. It’s a much larger update than you would usually expect from an app but, it’s not just getting a Material Design updated. In fact, Todoist has overhauled the entire application with the goal of making everything simpler and more colourful.  Apart from the Material Design there are also some new features, Todoist has also been working hard to make existing features work faster, which it does. The result is an application that feels almost entirely different from its predecessor.  Todoist came pre-installed on my honor6Plus and I’m glad it did.



Here is a list of the new features:

A complete Material redesign

  • Color themes to fit any mood & personality
  • Intelligent quick-add with natural date recognition
  • Start & end dates!
  • Turn a new task into a sub-task during quick-add
  • Swipe to complete and schedule your tasks
  • Add collaborators while creating a new project
  • All-new app navigation
  • Beautiful new tablet interface

Todoist is one of the better to-do list applications on Android already and the slew of new features and designs only helps to solidify that position. As a whole, the app will work mostly as it did before and existing users won’t have to change how they do things. The update seems to simply make doing those things a bit faster.

The update is scheduled to go live today but we imagine the roll-out will take a bit of time. If you already have Todoist, just wait for the update to come to you. If you like what you see and want to give Todoist a try, you can download it using the button below. If you want to learn more, check out the YouTube video and the full press release, below.

My only disappointment is the cost of updating to the premium to get all the addons £18.49 ($29.00 approx) for one year.

Todoist blog


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