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April 10, 2013

Transfer Content to Your New HTC One


HTC have released two video’s for setting up a new smartphone, and this can be a daunting task. Now HTC have introduced a  HTC Get Started video,which they’ve made it easy to set up news feeds, email, and other services. Now, thanks to the HTC Transfer tool, it’s easier than ever to move text messages, photos, contacts, and calendar events from your old phone to your new HTC One.

Just go to “Settings” > “Transfer content” on your HTC One to pair it with your old phone and see what content can be transferred. Then, from your old phone, go to the Google Play and download and install the “
HTC Transfer Tool.” Then simply follow the on-screen instructions to move your data.
In addition to Android, you can also use HTC Transfer to copy content from an old Blackberry, Windows Phone, and more using Bluetooth.

Also included is a video on upgrading from an iPhone, you can use HTC Sync Manager to transfer content, even wallpapers, to your HTC One. To begin the transfer process, download HTC Sync Manager to your Mac or Windows computer. Connect your iPhone and use iTunes to back up your content. Then connect your HTC One and launch HTC Sync Manager to import this content to your new phone.

HTC Get Started, HTC Transfer, and HTC Sync Manager are the perfect tools to help you quickly get your phone up and running with the content you most want to keep.

HTC ONE, feature Tour

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