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November 18, 2014

The Walking Dead season 5 episode 6 review: Consumed


So another week has come and gone and that can only mean it’s time to review another episode of The Walking Dead. This weeks episode titled Consumed was an episode based solely on Daryl and Carol that many fans have been anticipating. I mean an episode based on these two is never going to be a bad one. With previous episodes ‘Four Walls And A Roof’ and ‘Slabtown’ we knew that we weren’t going to be faced with any real drama’s like either of them dying but we did get an explanation to why Carol was about to leave the group when Daryl caught her back in ‘Strangers’.

From the very start of Consumed my eyes were glued to the screen as we dipped into Carol’s life since she left the group and part’s of what she had gotten up to in that time. I was so glad that we finally got to see this and if you never classed Carol as one of the strongest characters on the show then you sure as hell can’t deny it now. Her strength and ability to pull herself back from dark times over and over again makes her one of the most interesting characters on the show. Pair her with another strong and interesting character like Daryl and you have one heck of an episode.


Consumed may not have been the most action packed episode we have seen to date, yes there were plenty of Zombie bashing moments, but sometimes less action and more story is not a bad thing. With Carol and Daryl on a mission to track down Beth we have another episode based in the big city. I don’t know about you but after a while you almost expect zombies to come flying out of every corner but when terrain we haven’t seen explored for some time now like the city of Atlanta get’s thrown into the mix it brings me back to that excited and curious guy I was back in season one. The exploration of Atlanta offered up some awesome scenery like the I-85 entry point into the city that we first saw when Rick rode in on horseback. This time tho it was in total darkness and gave off a total sense of danger and looked more like Gotham than Atlanta. While Carol and Daryl sweep buildings and rooms in an attempt to find a good vantage point we have a scene that I truly loved, it may not have been overly noticeable and no words between the characters pointed the reason for it out. It all started as the pair bedded down in a woman’s shelter that Carol knew her way around all to well. It was then they heard noises and went to explore. What they found was what looked like a mother and child that have been turned banging against a smoked glass door. Maybe your wondering why I found this a great scene? Well to start off Carol can obviously relate to this mother with her past abusive relationship and Carol immediately wants to end their misery but Daryl tells her “you don’t have to.” This scene for me with the help of the backstory show how strong Carol really is with her dark past and having to live in this new darker world. If you remember back her daughter was also turned so having to witness this scene could have easily broken her down but instead she wanted to go in and likely stick a blade in their head. Daryl ends up dealing with the mother and daughter and we see Daryl having wrapped them in sheets burn the bodies outside and Carol thank him.


So as the pair were back exploring we see that someone was following them and it honestly wasn’t hard to guess that this someone was none other than Noah. Noah not knowing what he was getting himself in for steals the pairs weapons as they try to squeeze through a tight gap between padlocked doors. When he is running away with their weapons Carol pulls a pistol out and aims at Noah, Daryl who isn’t impressed hits her hand down telling her he’s just a kid. We know that the pair would ultimately catch up to him and when they do the roles change and it’s Daryl who wants to leave him for dead trapped below a bookcase. Carol suddenly becomes all about saving Noah and just as a walker is about to chew Noah’s neck off Daryl lands one of his signature crossbow arrows in the walkers head. Before they had caught up to Noah the pair had to take a dive from a bridge in a old ford van in what was one of the funniest moments in The Walking Dead I have seen for while. The pair end up trapped on a bridge (bridges are never good) as they explore an old Ford van with the snatchers white cross markings are faced with hordes of zombies. With no guns or crossbows thanks to Noah the only option they had left was to get in the front seat of the van belt up and allow the walkers to push the van off the side of the bridge into an abandoned lot. Now comes the funny part as they land in one piece (well Carol hurt her shoulder) the zombies above that pushed the van off start landing on the roof and leave a terrible mess. This scene brought some laughter into the deep episode and helped break up the seriousness. So it’s not really hard to understand why Daryl was so pissed at Noah as we know all to well that his sympathetic side disappears when someone he loves is put in danger.

So with Noah still in one piece the group have a small chat and realise that they all have the same goal of saving Beth and Daryl realises he now has the advantage of someone who has been on the inside. With all the gunfire it was obvious the Grady hospital snatchers heard and they came looking to see. Next came a part that actually had me shocked, Carol get’s mowed down by the Grady cops car as they try to escape to another building. With Daryl inside the building helping the injured Noah to his feet Noah manages to convince Daryl to let them take her as they have medicine etc to treat her, he also explained that there is no point in them all getting snatched.. Daryl wasn’t happy with the idea but he knew deep down it was the right thing to do. It was actually great seeing that scared Noah managed to be the voice of reason in this scene as the Grady cops steal Carol as this is now setting things up nicely for an awesome showdown.


In conclusion this weeks episode was great with Carol’s flashbacks being the highlight for me. It gave us a great understanding of why she feels being on her own is best as she doesn’t want to suffer the heartache of loosing anyone else. It is still unclear how bad Carol is hurt after being run over but with Daryl and Noah on route back to get the rest of the gang we are sure to be in for one big bloody showdown between our favourite group and the Grady cops. My heart tells me that someone is bound to die in this showdown especially after everyone managed to make it out of terminus. Would it be to much to ask if both Carol and Beth could be saved without someone having to die? It is also likely that the showdown episode will be the mid season finale since the holiday break is upon us and no doubt we will be faced with a cliffhanger and have to sweat it out again. Either way let me know what you thought of this episode.

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