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December 2, 2014

The Walking Dead season 5 episode 8 review: Coda

Spoilers Within.

There’s nothing I hate more than this time of year when all my favourite TV shows are coming to a halt with midseason finales. It leaves my wife and I wondering what the hell we are going to do and I’m pretty sure we are not alone. The Walking Dead midseason finale “Coda” was a bit of a roller coaster so let’s have a look at what I thought.


The opening scene was great and throw us deep into the action with the escaping Officer Lamson, with his tie wrapped hands still on the run. It didn’t really end well for him as he ended up with an Atlanta police cruiser up his ass, well he should have stopped when Rick asked him so fair is fair. This scene showed us Rick’s no second chance policy is going nowhere soon and I personally love his no nonsense approach. Obviously with Lamson lying on the ground, not only with a broken spine but also a bullet in his head was going to complicate the whole swap the cops for Carol and Beth plan. But a straight two cops for two friends still seems fair to me.


We then go back to the church where Gabriel as always manages to put Carl, Machone and Judith in danger as he broke the number one zombie apocalypse rule and took the direct root home while being chased. This of course led a horde of walkers back to the Church where Gabriel again needed rescued due to his pathetic inability to kill the dead. Carl and Machone of course rescued him from a certain death but not without putting themselves in danger. Personally I would have let the walkers eat him as there is no room for weakness in this world especially when you put people in danger time and time again. In a twist tho Gabriel does let Carl, Judith and Machone leave the church through his Shawshank Redemption style tunnel while he held the door closed so he did redeem himself a little.


As with every Walking Dead midseason finale someone had to die and this is one tense episode with so many expendable characters involved – Carol, Noah, Beth and Gabriel to name a few. The show did a good job hiding who we would have to say goodbye to and it made it really enjoyable, who doesn’t like a guessing game? There were no real tell tale moments of dialogue, well not until the final scene at least that hinted who was going. The build up to Beth’s death was well executed with several scenes in “Coda” showing Dawn and Beth together. As expected Dawn was being her usual manipulating self who loves to tell herself and others that “This is how it has to be” and Beth even kills a cop who is attacking her thus strengthening Dawns position.


The hospital scenes were full of danger in this episode not just when Beth and Dawn were killing people but also when the big swap is about to go down but Beth’s death just comes out of nowhere. I mean when Beth went under her mattress for the hidden scissors I had a bad feeling it was about to go down. Just as it seemed everything was ok and the tension had disappeared and everything was going well with the trade off – BOOOOOOOOOOOM. The exchange scene was wonderfully done and the fact that it didn’t all kick off into a massive gun fight is nothing short of a miracle. I mean am I the only one who thought the restraint of the other characters was unusual? Maybe the grief and shock of loosing such an awesome character was to overwhelming but I was sure it was going to kick off big time.

Daryl beth


The season finale was great and I enjoyed every minute of it, of course up until Beth died and I showed my inner girly side and almost cried. Beth was an awesome character and the show has done an awesome job of making us fall in love with her after her suicide attempt. It’s certainly going to be different from now on but thats why I love this show, there’s always change, new folk are introduced and we sometimes have to say goodbye to old friends. It goes to show The Walking Dead has no untouchable characters except Daryl of course because if he dies we riot. Beth’s send off was fitting and I will certainly miss her, so now I’m excited to see how this tragedy effects our other friends from here on in.

One final note am I the only one that hates Maggie even more now? Her breakdown seemed pointless considering she spent this season not even caring about her sister. I would definitely trade her for Beth any day. Anyway I will see you all in the new year when Let’s Talk Walking Dead returns.


I have kept this review brief and a little less in depth than my other reviews, let me know if you like this or you prefer the more in depth review.

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