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June 3, 2014

Watch_Dogs – Opinion Piece



When I created this meme I thought the use of “Unpopular Opinion” was a good choice, as I was under the impression Watch_Dogs was loved. But turns out I was wrong, as you can see currently on MetaCritic, the views on this game are split:


This game has certainly split peoples views, but I know where I fall, and thats in the negative. This is not a good game, it feels rushed, and that the entire game is built on one idea (hacking) and thats all it rides on.

To start with the graphics suck, and thats my professional opinion. They feel dated, choppy and like something you’d expect to see in San Andreas. It looks even worse when it rains, the lightning effects feel like someone is behind shot holding up a picture of a lightning bolt from time to time. Walking around the city, you’d expect a GTA V feel, like you could walk into any building, but not with Watch_Dogs. Its closed off, and it starts to feel like every road is exactly the same. I was so excited when I saw the map, I thought it would squash GTA V or Black Flag, but it just fails in comparison. You may say its unfair to compare Watch_Dogs to games like Black Flag or GTA V, but with the time we had to wait for this game to be released I will compare it to whatever I want. One thing people do seem to agree on is that it shouldn’t of been released on the PS3/Xbox 360, as talks of the graphics on the PS4 are that they are great.

Next is the driving, its terrible. Ever car drives exactly the same, starting the car feels like you have kicked in the nitro, and then it seems to level out. The turning is again choppy, sometimes the smallest turn is exaggerated, or you feel yourself have to turn the whole controller in order to move it. You either get very fast cars, or very slow cars, there appears to be no real inbetween.

The story doesn’t seem to grab me as much as I thought it would. The overly gravely voice of the main character, and the almost predictable story line just begins to drag and get annoying after a while. The missions built around this story seem to jump backwards and forwards.

Maybe if I had waited and played it on the PS4, then perhaps my view of this game wouldn’t of been so bad. But the feeling of almost being tricked into getting this game, has made me feel quite angry at the overall performance. I wont even have a go at Uplay as that seems too much of an easy target.

I still have the game and maybe after completing Wolfenstein I will give it another go, but there are just elements of this game that dont sit right with me and may never do again.




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