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August 15, 2015

Windows 10 Mobile partial jailbreak / Interop Unlocked

windows10mobile-logoAndroid users will wonder what all the fuss it about, unlocking phones, rooting and install a ROM of your choice.

But it seems unifying Windows 10 Mobile has drawn the attention of hackers involved in the OS just keeps rolling in.

The latest is a partial jailbreak/Interop unlock the Windows 10 Mobile OS lets you do things such as write to anywhere in the file system or write to a large number of registry keys and remove limits to the number of apps you can side load for example.

The instructions are also pretty simply,being:

  1. Turn “ON” Developer Unlock Mode. (Go to Settings> Update & Security> For Developers)
    2. Download “Root Tool.xap” from here  and deploy It.


For Lumia:

Open “vcReg” Tool.

Hit the Application Bar and select “Templates”.

Here will see two options, Interop/Capability Unlock and “Full File System” Access through the MTP Protocol.

Check your options, and click “Apply”.

The hack at present only works on Lumia and Samsung Windows 10 Mobile handsets (both 10166 and 10512 builds) and has already been used to alter the Hosts file in Windows Mobile to block ads in the browser, which is an interesting application.

Read full instructions and find the downloads at XDA-Developers here. If you use this then please give a thanks at the bottom of djamol post.

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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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