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June 25, 2015

You can now use Messenger without a Facebook account

Facebook Messenger is becoming much more than just a simple app to chat with your Facebook friends. It now has its own dedicated website, which by the way works fantastic, you can install plug-ins to search for images or gifs, and you can also send and receive money with it. On Wednesday, the company announced a major update that will boost its capabilities even more… it will now let people use Messenger without having to sign up to Facebook. All you will need is your phone number, your name, and a picture, just like Whatsapp. You will be able to chat with people from your contact list who also put their number on Messenger.


“With this update, more people can enjoy all the features that are available on Messenger – including photos, videos, group chats, voice and video calling, stickers and more.” Facebook wrote on its blog post.

Facebook Messenger has over 700 million monthly users, and with this update we can expect those numbers to grow even more with each passing month.

The update is available only in Canada, the United States, Peru and Venezuela… for now, but if it works the update will most likely roll out in a lot of other countries, too.


Source: Facebook

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